From our Dog Sled Guiding Staff – Thanks for the great season

We are officially finished dog sledding trips for the season. Thank you to all the participants who enjoyed dog sledding adventures with our dogs, guides, trails and camps this season.

The staff are now focusing on taking down our base camps and organize our loads of gear, to be put away for the 2017-18 dog sled season.

The 2016-17 Dog Sled Guiding Staff Team

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Taking Canoe Trip Bookings

Experience Chocpaw Canoe Trips in Algonquin Park

Inquiries about private canoe trips (families, couples, friends or corporate please contact us directly)

Duke of Ed Bronze Canoe trips: July 2-4, Aug 26-28

Duke of Ed Silver Canoe trips: July 2-6, July 29-Aug 2, Aug 26-30

Duke of Ed Gold Canoe trips: July 2-7, July 29-Aug 3, Aug 26- 31

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March Update

The Chocpaw trails still have plenty of snow and we are continuing to book trips over the March Break Holidays. We can do trips of all kinds, families, friends, work groups and Duke of Ed.

Our Adoption page has recently been updated, with more dogs available to good homes. Stay tunes as we have many adoptions coming up!

(Photo Credit: Jo Boucher)

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Action packed Family Day Weekend

It will be an action packed Family Day Weekend here at Chocpaw Expeditions. We will have 10 expeditions in the bush enjoying the scenery, bush camps and our wonderful dogs. Expeditions ranging from 1-4 days in length. Ages ranging from babies to 85 years old. Combinations of families, friends, school groups and Camp Ooch. Not to mention, we will also be proving rides for the local community at the Sundridge winter Carnival on Sunday Feb 19th.

Mush On!!!!

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Adoption Update: Rhonda and Cricket

We are most pleased to hear that both Rhonda and Cricket have settled into their new home on a ranch near Kingston. They haven’t had much snow this season, but the dogs seem to be entertained by the other animals on the ranch. Specifically Cricket likes the guinea pigs. They have an outdoor straw fort and beds inside the house that they can access at their leisure via a doggie door.


Straw Fort











Rhonda and Cricket


Rhonda on “her” bed

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The Incredible 2016-17 Chocpaw Staff Team

Job pic

We like to take the time to appreciate not only our sled dogs here at Chocpaw Expeditions, but also our incredibly talented dog-sled guiding team this season. The bar is only set to high at Chocpaw, we expect the best of the best and only those that can persevere can make it as a guide. This team has surpassed the teams before them in excellence. Wish Paul was here to see what has been a accomplished in his absence. These guides are keeping the dream alive.


Thank you: Andrew, Jamie, Chantal, Kaity, Heather, Maria, Matt, Phil, Brad, Jeremy and Steph.

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Puppies have been named

Thank you for all the name suggestion from both guests this season and social media.

We would like to introduce you to:

(Males) Paul, Plough, Presley

(Females) Power, Pandora, Pants, Petal, Praline, Penta and Pronto


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Snow is here and we are ready for dog sledding!

Chocpaw Expeditions is happy to announce that mother nature has supplied us with ample amounts of snow before the holidays! We are ready to take dog sledding bookings, 1/2 day trips & day trips as of Saturday December 17th, and expeditions As of Dec 19th.

Bookings can be made by calling the office 705-386-0344 and providing Credit Card information.

Mush on!!!!!


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Chocpaw Expeditions Statement Regarding the Documentary “Sled Dogs”, Directed by Fern Levitt

Chocpaw Expedition’s Statement Regarding the Documentary “Sled Dogs” Directed by Fern Levitt/CCI Entertainment Ltd

Chocpaw Expeditions would like to inform you about a new documentary coming out December 3rd (Whistler Film Festival) entitled “Sled Dogs” directed by Fern Levitt. As we understand it, Fern Levitt has painted an unfair negative and inhumane brush across the entire dog sledding industry. Paul Reid (previous Owner) passed away in October of this year. It is tragic that the timing of this documentary doesn’t allow for Paul Reid himself to express his passion and care for the Chocpaw Expeditions sled dogs over the last 40 years.

Chocpaw Expeditions provides care for our dogs 365 days a year, and we employ a staff team specifically for this purpose. We know all of our dogs by name and personality; they are part of our family.

Chocpaw Expeditions has a successful adoption program.

Chocpaw Expeditions has the support from of our veterinarian. He can attest to the quality of CARE Chocpaw Expeditions provides for our dogs. The veterinarian is a member of the College of Veterinaries of Ontario (CVO) and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited Veterinary hospital (only 12% of Veterinary hospitals in North America are AAHA accredited)

Chocpaw Expeditions has the support of our local Mayor and By-law officer who provide Chocpaw Expeditions with our kennel licence and kennel inspections.

The financial priorities have been and continue to be the care, feeding and medical welfare of our dogs.

Chocpaw Expeditions is proud of the educational and wilderness trips we provide. We have worked with The Duke of Edinburgh Award program for 10 years, The Canadian Army Cadets, the British Royal Air Force, The Ontario Provincial Police, Military Police Regiment and numerous private schools in the greater Toronto area and elsewhere.

If you have further questions or require additional proof of the above stated, Chocpaw Expeditions would be happy to provide it.

Yours Truly,

Chocpaw Expedition

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Update on Adoptions: Austin, Meghan & Frodo

It has been a wonderful week of receiving Adoption Dog updates!



Austin was adopted in the late spring. He was one of the largest dogs we had in the kennel with a very relaxed and easy going temperament. During last year’s dog sledding season we had to move him from an expedition team to our “Old-Timers” team. Our Old Timers team consists of dogs that because of their age can no longer do lengthy expeditions. The old Timers team continues to run but on shorter day trips, 1/2 trips and fun runs with the Chocpaw staff. We were very happy to see him going to loving home and enjoy his retirement lifestyle.



Meghan was one of the smartest lead dogs in this entire kennel. Meghan had a long and outstanding career as a lead dog for Rene’s mid-distance race team, and 2 different guides expedition lead dog. Her brains and ever so loving gentile temperament made her an easy pick for lineage dominating in our yard. Many Chocpaw dogs are related to Meghan. Meghan is now slowing down in her old age of 14 but is still enjoys jogs with her human mom.


Frodo was adopted out to a loving family last year. This was the second retired Chocpaw dog this family had adopted over the years. Frodo is lucky enough to have a children in his new family that give him the non-stop attention her deserves. Frodo enjoys spending his summer at the cottage running with his new family. Frodo was also a very successful lead dog for a Chocpaw racer is and is the dad to many of our yearling that will be running their first full season at Chocpaw with us this winter. Frodo was incredibly quick and moved with ease at a high speed. His build is phenomenal and we are seeing a lot of this in his pups. We all at Chocpaw look forward to seeing his legacy in the yard continue.



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