Naturalist Skills Dogsled Trip

Trip lead by: Chantal Dostaler

Jan 21 -22, 2017

Chantal Tracking

This is a new program as of the 2015/16 season. This is not only a dog sled expedition but also an opportunity to practice and learn Naturalist Skills. This expedition is led by our Guide Chantal Dostaler, who has spent ample time becoming one with nature. She is excited to share her deep connection with nature and her love of sled dogs with you. 

This is a nature awareness weekend, not a survivalist challenge, although it will be no walk in the park. Participants should be prepared for physical activity. Remember how much fun you had building a snow fort? When is the last time you started a fire without the use of a lighter or matches? When was the last time you looked up at the stars, or followed animal tracks through the snow? Here’s your chance to play! Participants will not be expected to sleep outside but they will be invited to push their boundaries over the weekend. Most importantly, everyone is invited to have fun!

This trip includes:

  • 1 hr Mandatory Presentation(location to be decided closer to time of trip), at 6:45 pm.  Your guide, Chantal, will be there to greet you, and provide all the information needed to drive your dog sled teams through the Wilderness.
  • Meals: Day 1 – Lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and drinks. Day 2- Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.
  • Travelling to one our 6 base camps via Dog Sled. 2 People per sled, taking turns driving and sitting in the basket.
  • All equipment for Dog Sledding and Naturalist Skills.

Naturalist Activities Include:

    • Fire Building/Starting (without a lighter)
    • Tree Harvesting for Fire Building and making tea
    • Traditional Light (experimenting with Traditional Light sources)
    • History of Algonquin Park
    • Star Navigation (if weather permits)
    • Shelter building (traditional shelter building skills. Option of sleeping in the shelter you build, or in one of our pre-set heated tents)
    • Plant Identification



Friday Jan 20th – Mandatory 1 hour presentation with guide Chantal at 6:45 pm. Location will depend on participants choice of local accommodations. 

Jan 21st – Arrive at Chocpaw Expedition Dog Yard for 9 am. Park vehicle and start Naturalist Skills – Dog Sled Expedition. Participate in dogsledding, camp chores and naturalist skills, meals.

Jan 22 – Participate in Breakfast, camp chores, naturalist skills, dogsled back to kennel. Arrive at Kennel Approximately 2 pm. Put away dogs. Get back in vehicle and follow your guide to the Chocpaw Office. Sharing a delicious warm chili lunch and debrief with group before heading home. 

Pable and Craig


$559.00 + HST = $631.67

  • Does not include Local Accommodation the night before trip.

* 6 people or more are needed to confirm this trip, in order for it to run.

  • if there is interest to start a 3-Day Naturalist Trip, please let us know. Chantal is trilled to spend time out in the bush.

* if you would like to inquire about a private Naturalist Skills trip on another date, please contact our office.