A Teacher’s Testimonial

Written by Tom Lewis, Director of Leadership and Community Service, Pickering College I have been bringing students to Chocpaw since their very first year of operation. I would not have maintained such a long association if it were not for the fact that Chocpaw offers such a unique experience that you won’t want to miss. I was looking for an out of the ordinary expedition for my students in a winter camping setting and gave Paul Reid a call. It was a great decision. Paul and Marg Reid are tremendously accommodating. Whether it has to do with routes I wanted to travel, special food needs that my group may have, or extre experinces I wanted to add, such as building snow shelters, my students have always come away with a rewarding experience. Many have returned to do other expeditions. Chocpaw Expeditions allows your students to experience dog sleddging as it should be experienced. The students will be driving their own sleds feeding and watering the dogs, gathering their own wood and water, in other words, gaining a complete appreciation for winter camping while sledding. Chocpaw guides are a terrific group. They reflect the care taken in their selection. I have found that they relate well to the students and truly enjoy what they are doing. The expeditions that I lead tend to be four days in length and fit well with our shool’s Duke of Edinburg and Leadership Programs. The students find these trips physically and mentally challenging but incredibly rewarding. I would throughly recommend Chocpaw to your school. Perhaps we’ll pass each other on the trail someday.