Mini’s adoption story

Hi Paul

 I just thought I would let you know how Mini is and how life is going
 with her. First of all, she is just most definitely the most amazing
 dog I have ever known. I adore her more and more with every day.
 I get so many compliments about her and no one believes us that she
 just turnt 11! I guess, this is a compliment for you and for your work
 and how you treat your dogs. Everyone comments on how good she looks
 and in what amazing shape she is for a dog of her age! I spend at
 least 2 hours each day out in the bush with her walking on trails and
 exploring the nearby forests and parks. And it is great to see how she
 enjoys now being on the long lead and running around and sniffing on
 every tree.

 Recently, we went down to Kentucky for a climbing/camping trip.
 Unfortunately, she picked up an incredible amount of ticks. But she
 was the most patient girl when I was removing all of them from her.
 And it proofed me once more, how well she was treated at chocpaw, as
 the trust she has in me, clearly shows that she never had bad
 experiences with people. I could remove ticks from her inner ear and
 all other crazy spots without her complaining about it!
 We often get asked whether she is a rescue, and it is sad to see how
 many people think beind a sled dog must be a bad life. But we, of
 course (!), always stress that she comes from an amazing place and
 that we would never call it a rescue!

 I am attaching you some pictures of Mini’s new life. Even though it
 looks she is mostly sleeping, we are keeping her active!
 Hope your summer is going well. And I really hope we will manage to go
 on a dog sledding adventure with Chocpaw next winter.
 Thanks again for this absolutely amazing, most gorgeous and incredibly
 intelligent dog!



 p.s she looks a bit skinny on some of the pictures. But we finally
 figured out the best feeding solution for her, and she is eating very
 well now and finally putting on some weight! And yes, she is spoilt 😉