What Makes Chocpaw Unique

400 plus working dogs
75 expedition sleds
7 camps each capable of accommodating 24 people
22 qualified & experienced dog sled guides

Jan. 03 we put 48 teams in the bush. 79 students from Greenwood College & 16 guides divided into 8 groups.

Jan. 05 we put 24 more teams in the bush. 42 students from Sterling Hall School & 6 guides divided into 3 groups.

Total of 121 clients & 70 sleds 396 dogs.

All home on Friday & unpacked, dogs back in their own houses & everyone enjoying Marg’s famous chili.

I do not know of another operation that can accommodate groups of this size on dog sledding expeditions.

The next three weeks we are doing smaller groups from 2 – 10 people per group.

We offer 1 day to 7 days here in the Algonquin; 7-14 days In Temagami & James Bay.

Versatility. Often claim we can do a program for any group.

We are not limited to South River & our Algonquin Trail System.

We have the capacity to load & transport 386 dogs & sleds & travel to other areas of the province. We have established routes in Temagami & the James Bay Frontier.

Entirely separate from the expedition kennel is our racing program. 50 dogs are in training with 4 racers. First Ontario race at Eldorado on Jan. 22 will see 5 teams entered in the 50 mile race.