June Canoe Trips

  It has been a very bust week with canoe trips.  Last Saturday we put out  2 Silver Duke of Expedition groups & on Sunday a Gold group.  The Silver groups returned on Wednesday & the Gold on Friday.  Yesterday we put out one Silver group & 2 Gold groups.  Although the guiding staff does […]

June 21 Canoe Trips

  First day of summer yesterday & what a great start to the summer.   Bright sunny day & the lake just still as glass.  Two groups of Silver Duke of Edinburgh canoeists pushed off the beach at Round Lake heading into the Algonquin for 5 days.  The 6 day Gold Trip goes out this morning. […]

Ontario Election Results

A lot of strong comments being posted on the internet this morning. A Liberal majority? Hard to believe! Like many small business owners, this raises great concern for Chocpaw Expeditions. We have survived wars & terrorism, economic downturns & recessions, climate change & even the fire of last fall. With the proposed pre election budget […]


  Lena died this morning on the highway.  She had been on the run for more than two weeks having slipped away from her adoptive family.  Her face was full of porcupine quills & she was very thin.  Obviously her final days were spent in misery.  She appeared to have finally oriented herself & was coming […]

Ontario Elections June 12

There are only 5 fays left before the Ontario Elections.  This is a crucial election & every vote is important.  I encourage everyone to acquaint themselves with the issues & the platforms of the major parties. Ontario is in financial crisis.  Our debt is out of control.  We need to reduce the debt & encourage […]

Employment Opportunities for Winter Guide

  Chocpaw Expeditions is accepting inquiries for guiding positions for this winter 2014/2015.  Responsibilities include leading/facilitating wilderness dog sled expeditions.  For a complete description of the position visit http://www.chocpaw.com/advantage/employment-opportunities/wilderness-guide/ No dog sledding experience is required as we will train & teach our methods.  Experience as a guide is essential to this position. We look for […]