Gold Canoe Trip Returns

The Gold Duke of Edinburgh returns to the shore of Round Lake, Algonquin Park, after a six day trip.  Parents & dogs are on the beach awaiting their arrival. Despite six days of rain everyone in great spirits.  As they spread out the final lunch it rained again.  Anne Marie reports this was a great […]

Chocpaw Puppies

A few shots of the pups we staked in the yard last week. It takes them 3 days to settle in & these pups adjusted very quickly. One of the things we do while they are in the pen is evaluate movement & attitude & make predictions as to lead potential or race potential. FISHER […]

Jenna & the Fabulous Five

3 days early but that is a good sign for potential race dogs. All healthy & happy. Really high hopes for this litter. Jenna has raced for both Rene & Kris & Jarvis needs no introduction. Jenna is from Jann & Teke. Teke was from a dog called Zonker from Tom Soper’s kennel. One of […]

Madge & The Magnificent Seven

Born today. Mother is Madge who is old Attla/Butcher lines. Mother Marge & grandmother Myra & great grandmother Mickey all raced on Rene’s teams. Father is Petro, brother to Seppe’s leader, Palmer. He is from Peyton & Muskie. Peyton was sister to Rene’s outstanding leader, Ryder. Muskie was a tough old dog from Lou Serre. […]

The Dynamic Chocpaw Kennel

Spring, summer, fall the composition of the Chocpaw kennel is very dynamic as a result of a very active adoption program and the replacement of dogs through our breeding program & acquisition. Of the 367 dogs currently in the kennel, 243 were born & raised here. I have indicated before we sell very few pups. […]

Pups Last Supper Together

Last night was the last supper together for these pups.  There are 3 litters here, 12 pups total who have lived together since coming off their mothers.  We will start to stake the oldest pups who are 4 months today.   Over the next week we will move all these pups into the main yard.  All these […]