Chocpaw Expeditions Welcomes New Dogs


This is Fenton.  For racers I thought it important to show a head shot as most people would be unfamiliar with this end of the dog.  This was Lou Serre’s outstanding  leader for many years & last year ran for Mike Siertsma.  Still some good years left in non competitive situation & hopefully a couple litters.

IMG_0301 IMG_0300

Mike also left Titan, a 4 year old.  This is  a Lourohound, developed by Lou Serre.

Over the years Bruce Langmaid from Kearney has retired quite a few dogs to Chocpaw Expeditions.  Bruce has been running dogs competitively for many years & is always a threat to win.  He has been Rene’s most consistent competitor since Rene started racing.  Vanessa’s leader, Louie, came from Bruce.  We can always count on well disciplined & well trained dogs as Bruce is regarded as an excellent trainer of sled dogs.


Tequila is 3 years old & has done some leading.


Bandana is littermate to Tequila.


Ricochet.  Six year old that ran lead for Bruce in the UP 200 last winter.  Easy going, happy dog that will make a contribution to Chocpaw.

All these dogs are experienced sled dogs & will step into harness & immediately be an asset to the expedition kennel.  As well, by taking in dogs of this quality it does provide quality options for our own breeding program.  Puppies are fun, but experienced dogs are a bonus.