Lost Dog

Received a call from Jet’s foster family this morning. Many of you will remember Jet while at Chocpaw Expeditions. Jet slipped away on a hike in the Algonquin yesterday. All help finding her & returning her to her home is greatly appreciated.

Chocpaw Puppy Update

Plump, piebald, Pearl, puppy, pile, & proud mama at 3 days old. Madge pups at 4 weeks old. Sturdy & adventurous. Madge & Jenna pups. Madge concerned that her litter has suddenly expanded. Each day we put the litters out together to play. They learn to socialize with other dogs & learn acceptable interactions. As […]

Pearl & the Phenomenal Seven

Born today.  Seven & still coming at supper.  Pearl is the largest female in the yard (approximately 60 pounds) & has as two of her littermates Potter & Python, who both were key members of Rene’s super team.  Lines are Swingley/Saunderson /Serre. Sire is Neo who Kris acquired from Pete Curtice, with strong Swingley lines. Neo was […]

Chocpaw Puppy Update

These are the Madge pups. Now 3 1/2 weeks old. They have been eating solid food for 4 days now. Ever since their eyes opened they have been on the move, preferring to be outside even in the heavy rains we had last week. As soon as they show interest we start them on solid […]