Chocpaw Cat

Josey with her friends.  I swear she thinks she is a dog.  Not just any dog, but the dominant dog.  With all the dogs we have in the house, she doesn”t give an inch to any online slots of them.  One at a time, or in bunches.  Bring them on!  But then that is why […]

Chocpaw Puppies

Eyes have opened for Madge & Jenna pups.  Generally eyes open at 11 days & all pups are born with blue eyes . Since birth we have spent time handling the pups getting them used to the human touch, smell & sound.  Until their eyes open they are pretty much reliant on mom for all […]

More Chocpaw Puppies

These are the last pups we staked out a week ago. Fraser is a male Ferris pup. Highest energy level of all the pups. He has a good shot at a race team. Buffy. Female, Brenda pup. Compact & nice moving dog. Will require a couple years to reach potential. Bernard. Brenda pup. Nice build […]