Charr Lake & Pawatine Camp Sets


Monday Seppe, Jamie & Luke began camp set at Charr Lake in Algonquin Park.  1 big tent & 2 small tents.  These camps can accommodate up to 24 people.DSCF1012

When set is done the tents are completely stocked & ready to go.  Each tent has a supply of dry firewood.

On Friday, Kris & Jason joined this crew & hauled out to Pawatine Lake, our farthest camp.  With all the water from all the rain, the swamps & creeks are full.



2 of the three small tents required new poles.


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A straw shelter for bedding for the dogs.


Jamie. Luke, Seppe enjoying the fruits of their labour.


Morning mist over Pawatine.  Next trip out here will be on dog sled & the lakes will be frozen & the forest blanketed in snow.

2 camps ready, 5 to go.

Well done crew!