Dennis Lake Camp

  We are setting a camp at Dennis Lake this winter.  The Wet Lake Area is being logged & not available this winter.  It has been a few years since we used this site. Early season snow meant using snow machines to haul in. First tents were set in deep snow. Major melt reduced camps […]

We Got Snow!

First runs on sled this winter.  This is why we are here. The plan is made! The harness readied! The dogs brought out of the yard! The dogs harnessed! The dogs hooked in line! The dos on the run!  (Use your imagination) The run is done! So is the dog! 124 more days to go! […]

Hockey Night at Chocpaw

Each year staff rents an hour of ice time at the South River Arena. Skill level ranges from no experience at all to competitive hockey players. This year we had quite a few good skaters both male & female a couple people with first exposure to skates. Lots of fun & lots of laughs. Max […]

Chocpaw Staff Training

Our fall training began in earnest the beginning of November. Last night marked the week we set a side for formal activities. The following pictures were taken at the evening meal. Every evening Marg & Lori serve supper to approximately 25 people. Here we talk & share & prepare for the season.

Welcome Naava Pups

These pups were born a week ago. Mother is Naava. She is a Natasha/Fenton breeding from Lou Serre. 3 of her Littermates are in training with Kris & Keri. Nola raced on Kris’ team last year. Father is Judge, who also orchestrated this breeding. Judge is a Jann/Teke breeding. While not planned, it is a […]

Chocpaw Staff

I hope everyone takes the time to check out our Winter Staff Page. We are really excited about our guiding staff for this winter. I also added 2 bio’s about 2 very important members of the team, Lori & Norm. Both work silently behind the scenes to ensure the trips are well prepared. A […]

Twin Lake Camp Set

Twin Lakes Camp is set. Seppe, Anne Marie, Jamie, Olivia, Antje & Maria spent 5 days setting the camp. Mega water throughout the bush. Streams & creeks where none have been before. We are in need of a good freeze to get the ground solid. 1 Large tent & two small tents The little red […]

Fall Kennel Work

Every fall we work through the kennel getting ready for winter.  Although we do all this all year round on a daily basis, fall is a major undertaking. As can be seen here, many houses need repair or leveling  & dog areas need leveling. Each fall we bring in a skidster & Rene reshapes the yard.  […]

Bristol Dryland Races

For the first time in several years, Marg & I missed the Bristol event as well as the fall OFSS training event. It is always great to attend these events & be a part of the pre season excitement. Bristol is attended by racers from Canada & the U.S. Chocpaw was well represented this year […]