Let the Fun Begin!

December 27 we put 51 teams on trail.  321 dogs.  7 groups going from 1 day to 6 days.  A Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, & a Silver, & a Gold.  Troop 755 from Detroit, Michigan. Snow conditions are not ideal so we had to load & haul 321 dogs to the trail head.  The Scout […]

Merry Christmas!

A belated Merry Christmas to all! Christmas is all about people & hope.  Our  festivities began on December 24 with a staff breakfast hosted by Lori.   Christmas Eve we celebrated with family, staff & friends.  On Christmas Day Marg prepared a huge feast for 27 people. This year we had people from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, […]

Craig Camp Is Set

Craig Camp is the last of the 7 camps we set. We are now ready for the snow & clients. This is the Upper Craig Camp. We have used this site for many years. It is our jumping off point into Algonquin Park. Complete with fire pit & benches This is Lower Craig. Between the […]

More New Dogs

End of October, Rene & I drove north to Longlac, 10.5 hours north/west of South River. We went to look at dogs at Ananagook Racing Kennels. Met John Onabigon & son John & spent a morning running dogs. When the dust had cleared we left with 9 dogs. Earl, Eagle, Elly, Eva are 3.5 years […]

New Dogs

Mid September Kris & I took a drive into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to look at some dogs. Racer Monte Simmonds had fallen & would not be able to run his young dogs this winter. Ran a team & came away with 6 good dogs. Mother & 5 pups all with lines that Kris […]

Rabies Shots

Rabies immunization is required by law.  It must be administered by a veterinarian.  In order to transport dogs across the border & to participate in races, we need to provide proof of vaccination.  There are other vaccinations we can do ourselves.  We usually wait until early December as all dogs that will be here for […]

Madge’s Pups Are Named

Thank you to all who submitted names for these pups.  Some great suggestions.  We generally don’t name pups until we put them on chain.  It gives us time to watch the pups & choose an appropriate name.  We try to select names that are respectful of the dogs. Monty Minnow Motor Mischief Maple Mullie Moccasin […]

South River Camp

South River Camp is set.  This is our oldest camp location secluded on the banks of the South River.  The South River starts in the Algonquin Park & winds it way through to Lake Nipissing.  It was used as a fur route to the Algonquin. Palmer on his way to camp Two small tents 1 large casino […]