3 Alaskan Sled Dogs Looking for a Home

These three dogs were out running on Wednesday.  They had no trouble with the 4 mile loop & seemed to be enjoying themselves.



Yellow dog in point.  Rufus is a character.  But a very lovable character.  He has been a leader most of his life.  He is a very tough & durable dog.  11 years old.



Teddy is 9.  Until 2 years ago he was still leading 4 dog race teams.  He has found it hard to adjust to 20 mile runs.  For someone looking for a rec leader, short distance, Teddy will do the job.



Sterling is 12 this year.  Although slower, he is still a very sound dog.  Stirling ran expedition lead for many years for Gillian.  He comes with a set of orange booties.

All these dogs still look forward to running & walking.  All are very sociable.