Chocpaw Adventures & Kids

Most companies don’t allow children on their dog sled adventures. We provide multiday experiences for school & scout groups for young children. We carefully select the dogs & reduce team size to make it safe. Often we pair smaller people with older & larger to ensure control. This is the Mrkobrada family with 4 year […]

Running the Relics

Every winter we have dogs who can no longer do long runs or are in need of shorter runs to rehab an injury. Staff will put these dogs together & run them around the block or down the trail. This is important not only physically for these dogs, but mentally as well. They are proud […]

Bishop Strachan School

Each winter Bishop Strachan School in Toronto sends 2 or 3 groups of girls north to Chocpaw Expeditions for a dog sled adventure of 1 day, 2 days or 4 days. This group set out Friday morning for 4 days. We always enjoy the Bishop Strachan girls who arrive with a great attitude & sense […]

January 16

Many people think that because we have so many dogs & work with so many school groups that we don”t do small private groups.  Reality is that although we may send out many groups on one day some are small intimate outings.  The first trip out Friday was just 2 people & a guide with […]

Winter Footwear

One of the keys to staying warm in the winter is to outfit yourself with good boots. We stress this in our clothing notes that everyone gets well before they get here. You must have boots with removable liners so the liners can be taken out at night & dried. The problem is that not […]


  Hello Chocpaw, I just wanted to share some pictures of our beloved Speedo who is doing really well with us. Sorry I don’t have a facebook account, but I read with sadness on your facebook page about the dog that got free and died on the road. I wanted to show you that Speedo […]

Greenwood Returns

Greenwood College School Grade 11 students returned Friday morning from a 5 day dog sled adventure.  Running on a tight schedule all groups were to be into the kennel by 11:00 & off to the church for chili by 12:00.  Not a small effort with 50 teams, 316 dogs, 100 people divided into 8 groups […]


Tar is 9.5 years old.  That means in April he will go on the adoption list.  Actually because of his reaction to the cold a couple days ago he is available now.  Tar came to us at a year old.  Comes from a top sprint racing kennel.  He is a very gentle dog & gets […]