Pickering College

Feb. 04 Pickering arrived for their 4 ray dog sled expedition with Chocpaw Expeditions. Pickering College comes up every winter. Take note of the bearded gentleman. That is Tom Lewis. 29 years ago Tom brought his first group of students from Rosseau Lake College to Temagami to do a dog sled expedition with Chocpaw Expeditions. […]

Feb 01 – Feb. 02

Camera still lost. Put out 29 more teams on Sunday morning including another MOC group.  McMaster Outers’ Club.  Several other day trips put out as well. By day’s end we had brought 47 teams home.  399 dogs. Monday morning we did a day trip with 19 students from Sir Sanford Fleming College.  This is also a […]

Jan. 29 – Jan. 31

I am back. Just misplaced my camera. We have been running 45 to 55 teams every day during this period. We have lots of snow. The houses are set on platforms 18 inches off the ground. The trails are in great condition. We are expecting 10 to 20 cm in the next couple days. When […]