Summer Canoe Programs

This is our entrance to our canoe routes in Algonquin Park at Round Lake. The ice is not yet off the lake. Most rivers & streams are now open. Our canoe trips are not just for Duke of Edinburgh participants. We also do families & groups. Often times a participant in a Duke of Edinburgh […]

Born in the Pen Today!

Tempo gave birth to 7 pups this morning.  5 males & 2 females. Pups & Mother doing well.  Pups have lots of vigor.  All out pups are born outside.  The first things they hear are the sounds of the pack. They have only two goals in life at this time, to sleep and to eat. […]

Sled Rack

28 5′ freight sleds 34 6′ freight sleds 4 7′ freight sleds 6 6′ Toboggan sleds 5 racing sleds 77 sleds in total. Over the course of the spring & summer, every sled comes off the rack & repairs made. Wood parts replaced, lashings redone, plastic runners replaced, rope bridles checked & replace, brakes checked […]

Moms & Pups

Spring is fun time here at Chocpaw Expeditions. We have had a huge response to our adoption program over the winter & spring. Still lots of great dogs available. This is also the time we put our breeding plan into action. We breed from the race teams trying to produce a proven high performance dog. […]

Moosonee 3

Day 8 Moose Factory to James Bay- 36.9 KM We ate our boil in a bag for breakfast, but enjoyed the wonders of a single cup coffee machine they had inside. Mark offered to lead us out to James Bay and find a nice track on the river to follow. We left around 10am and […]

Moosonee 2

Day 4: Hydro Lines Camp to Onakawana River- 55KM We left camp around 10:30 am and started down the road. The road was fast again and we were making good time. We picked up our first drop at Renoke Mile marker 112.1. It was well signed and the gear was nicely stacked not thrown out […]

Moosonee 1

Moosonee Trip Report 2015 By: Jamie Sands February 24 – March 5, 2015 Group: 2+1 Routes/Trails Day 1: Travel from South River to Cochrane- Clients met me at the yard at 9:30 am the sleds and the gear were already loaded in Rene’s truck and my trailer. When the clients arrived we loaded the dogs […]

Moosonee 2015

We offer dog sled trips  to Moosonee.  Each trip is a little different depending on group size & time restraints.  usually we keep the groups small & part of the requirement is previous dog sledding experience with Chocpaw.  We do a 10 to 14 day trip from Smooth Rock Falls, just west of Cochrane.  The distance is easily […]