Jynx in Retirement

Jynx living the life in retirement on Manitoulin Island.  One of the outstanding pair of Jynx & Jarvis that led Rene’s team to many victories.  A Jynx pup, Toes, is showing the same drive & grit as his father.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Canoe Trip

A bright sunny morning, the Bronze expedition came in from there 3 day adventure. First & last days were very pleasant, the middle day not so much. This experience provides Training & Practice & the Qualifying Journey. All participants completed the requirements successfully. The group was treated to a 20 minute viewing of a cow […]

Puppy Update

There are 3 litters in the pen.  Total of 9 pups.  All are old line Alaskan lines from Les Taylor dogs, Tulip & Felix, who both ran Rene’s team many years.  Tough dogs. Teva’s pups are the bigger pups & are now 12 weeks old.  Tempo’s pups are 8 weeks old.  They run free during […]

Duke of Edinburgh Canoe Trips

New this year is our shuttle from Yorkdale Mall.  Everyone on time for a 5:00 a.m. departure.  Bus arrived in South River at 8:00 a.m.  This bus will also pick up in Barrie as required.  4 Groups going out this morning.  1 Bronze, 1 Silver & 2 Gold Groups. Repacking Right from the start the […]

A Tale of Two Dogs

As you are all aware we run a very successful adoption program.  At 10 all dogs go on the adoption list even though capable of working longer.  As well, younger dogs are put on the list if they demonstrate that the sledding life is not for them.  And, occasionally, in special cases, we will let […]