A Letter From Mae

Dear Chocpaw peeps. I am writing to let you know that retirement is aMAEzing! I share my time between High Park and the Humber River in Toronto and an island cottage in Muskoka. I have packed on 5 lbs but I am feeling good and still get regular exercise. The people who I have to pull around here are […]

August 29 Canoe Trips

Busy day at Chocpaw with 5 groups heading out for 3 – 6 days, Gold group packing Bronze Group Silver Group A little overcast & some drizzle as the groups hit the beach. But the rest of the trips have promise of hot, sunny weather. Gold group first on the water Followed by the silver […]

Summer Pups

A bit of a strange year for breeding dogs.  A couple planned breedings didn’t take & we had two females birth one pup, & both by cesarean section.  That is a first in 40 years.  Usually the alaskan dogs  have easy birth. Every morning & every night we turn the puppies loose in the large […]

Bertha Pups

Born Monday morning.  4 Males , 3 Females Bertha & Frodo breeding.  Both parents are from Mo Lessard’s lines & both parents are leaders currently for Kris or Keri’s race team.  Bertha & littermates Brenda, Boomer, Buzz & Buster have all run on winning distance teams with Rene.

Canoe Update

Interesting canoeing this summer.  Unusually windy on the bigger lakes & lots of rain.  The Duke of Edinburgh trips for August are almost at capacity. Aug. 22 opened a second Gold group.  Both groups are full. Aug. 24 opened a Gold group.  It is also full. That leaves only Aug. 29 for Gold this summer.  Still […]