September Puppy Pictures

A few pictures of the Brenda & Bertha pups playing together.  Tempo pups are now in the yard & looking great. Lots of opportunities to run, climb, dig.  A supply of toys to play with. Below are pictures of the males from Bertha & Brenda litters.

Kris Sampson

10 years ago Kris came east to spend a winter guiding for Chocpaw Expeditions. Today, Kris has started on a new direction. Part of his dream was to have his own kennel of racing sled dogs. This will be his focus now. This does not mean Kris is finished here at Chocpaw. He still hopes […]

September Pup Update

Bertha’s Pups The pictures below show 4 litters of different ages playing together. Tempo Pups are the three older pups. The Bug pup & Burke pup are the white pups & the rest are all Brenda’s.

Dog Sled Guides Needed

An opportunity to join an outstanding team of wilderness leaders. Summer programs have ended & we are receiving applications for a couple positions available this winter & possible full time employment.  To this point we have applications from Canada & the United States, Finland, Denmark,  Germany, France & Australia. The Chocpaw staff is a highly […]