Malcolm, Home for the Summer

Malcolm & Cricket have become a favored pair of lead dogs at Chocpaw Expeditions.  The past two seasons James Payne has been at school over the winter so Malcolm has returned to work the winters. Each spring James takes Malcolm home for the summer.  James adopted Malcolm as a pup.  Now Malcolm has the best […]

Duke of Edinburgh Spring & Summer Programs

With the snow finally melting & the ice receding from the lakes it is time to plan for your Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey or Residential Project.  Both are offered through Chocpaw Expeditions using the Algonquin Park wilderness. We start the season with a hiking adventure for both Bronze & Silver in May.  May 21 […]

2016 Race Season

This past winter only one person raced Chocpaw dogs.  Keri took over the program completely this year.   She selected the dogs, trained & fed them & raced them.  This in addition to her responsibilities as Program Manager at Chocpaw Expeditions & her family of two small children & Matt. All these dogs are Chocpaw born […]

Winter Wrap

Thank you to all our clients, our, staff, our volunteers, our dogs & to Mother Nature for another great winter.  Yes, I did say Mother Nature.  While the rest of the country struggled with poor snow conditions we had great trails & lots of snow.  We ran our last trip on March 30.  We were […]