Duke of Edinburgh Spring & Summer Programs

With the snow finally melting & the ice receding from the lakes it is time to plan for your Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey or Residential Project.  Both are offered through Chocpaw Expeditions using the Algonquin Park wilderness.


We start the season with a hiking adventure for both Bronze & Silver in May.  May 21 -23 is the Bronze hike.  It is a complete program offering Training & practice & the Qualifying Journey.  There are several spots remaining for this program.


The Silver Adventure offers two programs.   A complete program with Training & Practice & Qualifying will run fro May 19 to May 23.  Or you can opt to do just the Qualifying Journey from Mau 21 – 23.  To take advantage of this option you must have completed a Training & Practice Session prior.

Limited space available in both programs.

Through June, July, and August we offer numerous opportunities for Bronze, Silver & Gold canoe expeditions.  Check our website at www.chocpaw.com for the schedule.


Adventure awaits!