August Canoe Update

A Gold & Silver Duke of Edinburgh canoe trip goes out Saturday morning.  Only on chance left for Duke canoe trips this summer. August 23 will see several Bronze groups going out.  There are only 4 spots left in the Bronze Expeditions. Also Aug. 23 there will be three Silver Canoe Trips.  There are only […]

Austin Has Been Adopted

Austin has a new home in southern Ontario.  Former guide, Lauren, has taken him home. One of the biggest dogs in the kennel, Austin is a gentle dog.  He worked with all dogs & because of a wonderful temperament he was a great pup training dog.  Very deserving of a retirement!

Sled Dog Adoptions

Often asked for Siberian Husky dogs.  I do not have Siberian Huskies in my kennel.  From time to time I am offered a Sibe.  I don’t often do this as I don’t know the dog & can’t speak for suitability as a pet.  Sibe’s come with their own special behaviors & needs.  They require lots […]

Will Settles In

I am often asked how long it takes a sled dog to adapt as a house pet or if it is even possible.  This is Willy in his first evening in his new home. Other than learning the bed is for him, he seems pretty relaxed.  Our dogs are well behaved & come with very […]

Willy Moves to Parry Sound

Willy has a new home in Parry Sound.  He will be retired from daily work but still spend time hiking & biking in the summer.  His new partner, Dennis, is, is also an avid skijorer.  Still lots of energy left in Willy.  He will be missed here, but very deserving of the change of pace. […]