Adopt a Sled Dog

We welcome you to the Chocpaw Retirement village

With their running days behind, our golden oldies now enjoy a life of relaxing and free running off teather with their retired friends. Our dogs in the retirement village are up for adoption, free to a good loving home.

They come with their up to date rabies shots and papers, and lots of love to give. If you are interested in the companion ship of one of our golden oldies please enquire with our staff.

Chocpaw Team

Flurry is one of the many sons of Flyer and Jaguar. Flurry was born on July 1, 2005. That is correct, our special boy is one of 3 of our eldest dogs in the kennel. 14 years young!! He is loving and free spirited he spends his days free running with his other oldies in the deep snow, eating food and  receiving a good but rub.

Leroy born July 1, 2005. He is not a brother to Flurry but was a son to Lace and Milkey. He is also 14 years young, if you look long enough into his eyes he will persuade you to take him home. He is a loving handsome man who wish he could still be out on trail. His mind is telling him ‘yes’ and his body is telling him ‘no’.

Fallon a brother to Flurry. Born on July1, 2005. A son to Flyer and Jaguar. What makes this man so special to us? He lives his life with his heart and not his eyes. That is correct, Fallon is blind. He is 14 year old in real years but a pup at heart. He enjoys running around in the free run with his buddies, love his food when you sit it right under his nose and would never say no to a good ear scratch.

Beetle is one of our Eurohounds in the yard. She was born on August 1, 2008. She is our little 11 years young lady. With her running years behind she likes her days to consist of naps and minimal exercise. She enjoys wondering the free run sniffing around and keeping to herself… even though the others wont leave her alone!

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If you are interesting in adopting one of our dogs and providing it a home and a quality life in its retirement years, Chocpaw would be interesting in hearing from you.  Please e-mail us indicating your interest.