Chocpaw Expeditions have the following dogs available for adoption, as they are being retired from the kennel at the end of this season.  This is your opportunity to adopt your favourite sled dog.

These are all very special dogs who have worked hard and deserve a retirement with a loving family.  All the dogs on this list are healthy.  Their shots are current.

They are also well disciplined and have a very stable temperament.  They are good with people, including children, and generally get along well with other dogs.


They have been outside expedition dogs.  Therefore it will take time for them to adapt to a ‘Life of Riley’ and to their new family and surroundings.  Most municipalities require leashes.  These dogs will want daily walks and lots of love.  Most make exceptional devoted pets.

Of course a requirement is that we get regular updates and pictures.

Click Here to see a pictures of the Available Dogs.

If you are interesting in adopting one of our dogs and providing it a home and a quality life in its retirement years, Chocpaw would be interesting in hearing from you.  Please e-mail us at indicating your interest and which dog you are interested in.  We will be following up with a telephone interview to discuss various aspects of  the adoption.