Cocote’s adoption story

Dear ChocPaw,

Cocote is the most ridiculously amazing dog.  Ever.  I can’t go anywhere without someone running up to me demanding to know more about her.  She is the spitting image of a coyote, yet has the personality of an easy going, sweet, harmless grandma.    She is smart as a whip, and was off-leash within two months of adoption.  She accompanies me on the most brutal of hikes and has learned her way scampering around on the rocks, since most of our excursions are for rock climbing.  Everyone we encounter cannot fathom the fact that she is now 10 years old.   They usually ask me how old my “puppy” is!  She learned very quickly how to transfer her knowledge of sledding to biking.  When on trails, she is off leash, and keeps up with me on 15 – 20 km mountain bike rides (I know she could go for longer; I am usually the first one tuckered out).  Around the neighborhood, I take her on the bike so that she can gallop all of her endless energy away…she pays close attention to my maneuvers on the bike while staying on leash and at my side.  From what I’ve told you, it may seem like Cocote would be a miserable housedog.  However, she was house-trained without any training, and has not caused any trouble around the house!  She has never gotten into her food, chewed on furniture, or done anything to disrupt our house of four people.   I think she has finally come to thoroughly enjoying lounging around on pillows and blankets.  Thank you so much for a great companion!  


Lisa Carpenter