Pecan’s “American” Adoption story

Pecan over the weekend in NC running with her sled harness on. She LOVES to go hiking in the cooler weather!


Pecan’s Dracula costume…I believe this is her favorite. The white dog in the picture, Lady, was actually jealous that she didn’t have a costume on and had to put one on before she would quit growling at Pecan!


Pecan in an alien costume. She played dress up all afternoon on Friday to see which costume she wants for Halloween!

She is becoming VERY comfy at home now. Pecan never used to come near the kitchen table and now she hovers. She is still VERY picky with her people food.

Pecan is not the neatest eater! It actually took her about a month to learn how to eat dry food from a bowl! She now thinks it is a race with the other dogs to see who will finish first!







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