Chocpaw Expeditions has been providing high quality educational and recreational adventure experiences for over 40 years. As the longest established dog sledding tour and expedition operator in Ontario we have the experience to offer the adventure of a lifetime.


Chocpaw Expeditions is a year round adventure operator. In the winter months we provide dog sledding day tours, and multi-night expeditions, in Algonquin Park. In the spring, summer, and fall, we offer back country hiking and canoeing multi-night adventures.

We offer a great variety of programmes that cater to every age and ability. Our clients include: general public tours, school and youth groups, family adventures, seniors, people with disabilities, extreme adventure programs, and corporate team building. We are open to specializing programmes for artists, photographers, naturalists, and wildlife enthusiasts.


We are the largest provider of dog sled tours and expeditions in Canada; with approximately 400 dogs and a guiding staff of 14.  This allows us to offer a large variety of experiences, from day long introductory tours, to multi-night travelling expeditions.  We have the resources to provide for small intimate groups, or to accommodate up to 90 clients in a day.  The size of our kennel and operation is a direct result of the demand for our programs. At Chocpaw, we pride ourselves in providing fully participatory dog sled experiences.

Our spring, summer, and fall expeditions are backcountry hiking or canoeing. These trips as well can accommodate smaller, more intimate groups, or larger school or youth group expeditions.


South River, ON is 3 hours north of Toronto on Highway 124. Public transportation to the area is through the Ontario Northland bus service. We are located on the north west corner of Algonquin Park, Ontario.

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Our winter trails and camps are set in the Algonquin wilderness. We have an expansive trail system, used almost exclusively by us. Algonquin offers excellent opportunities for viewing signs of wildlife. Our trails pass through the winter browse area of moose and deer, and there are ample signs of wolf.

Our hiking and canoeing trips visit the same sections of Algonquin Provincial Park as our winter programme.  The canoe is the Canadian way to explore our wilderness landscape.


Chocpaw Expedition is prepared to offer special hiking and canoeing trips in both Killarney Provincial Park and the Temagami wilderness area.  Both areas provide excellent opportunites for hiking and canoeing with a variety of trails availble. Over the years we have offered programmes in a variety of areas throughout Ontario and can provide custom trips in the area of your choice.

For experienced dog sledders we offer expeditions in Temagami and along the James Bay Frontier.

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We use Alaskan sled dogs, a crossbreed developed by the large racing kennels in Alaska. These dogs have been carefully bred for strength, stamina, endurance, and speed.

At Chocpaw Expeditions we also breed for good temperaments; a friendly disposition is essential in our dogs. The dogs are carefully trained and conditioned to provide a memorable sledding experience. We travel approximately 32 kilometres (20 miles) per day, with 42 kilometres (30 miles) being the average.

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The key to the success of our programs is our guides. It is their knowledge, their skills, and their enthusiasm that unites the key elements we have developed.

We select our guides carefully and put them through rigorous training and apprenticeship program. This intensive training provides them with the skills and knowledge that places them in the elite category of ‘best in the business.’  They are committed to personal and professional growth, and to your satisfaction.