Wilderness Guide

Chocpaw has been providing educational and recreational dog sledding expeditions for 35 years with a system of trails and camps in Algonquin Park that gives our clients a superior winter wilderness experience.

Chocpaw has expanded it programme to provide canoeing and hiking trips in the spring, summer, and fall period.  Information on these guiding positions follow the Winter Guide Section.  

Winter Guide Responsibilities:

  • Planning and preparation for dog sledding trips.
  • Provide clients with orientation/instruction session covering topics including the dogs, trails, client expectations on trip, driving the sleds and safety issues.
  • Responsible for the safety of clients and dogs on trip.
  • Maintenance of camps, trails and equipment throughout the season including repair work as needed.
  • Daily care, maintenance and monitoring of the dogs according to Chocpaw standards.
  • Participation in pre-season preparation of trails and setting of camps.
  • Attendance at pre-season staff training.
  • Pre-season commitment to getting to know the dogs. A solid familiarity and comfort working with our dogs is required before you will be able to guide a client trip.


  • A natural love and respect for the sled dog and the wilderness experience.
  • Extensive experience leading wilderness trips.
  • 72 hour Wilderness First Responder with C.P.R..
  • Exceptional wilderness skills with specific experience in winter travel and survival.
  • Sound knowledge of risks issues and strategies of risk management.
  • Self-motivating, positive, resourceful and energetic.
  • Solid team and interpersonal skills are essential.
  • Skilled in group dynamics and leadership to function as group leader.
We have developed an intensive pre-season staff training program as well as manuals that deal with each area of leading dog sledding expeditions.We are looking for individuals committed to guiding as a career and who are looking at long term commitment to Chocpaw Expedition.  For more information visit our website at www.chocpaw.com .

If you have the above qualifications and are looking for a rewarding position leading wilderness trips as part of an elite team of guides, please contact Paul Reid at phone number 705-386-0344, or by e-mail at chocpaw@on.aibn.com.

Send Cover Letter and Resume to: Keri Buttle

By fax: 705-386-0344

By e-mail: chocpaw@on.aibn.com

By mail:  P.O Box 674
South River, On
P0A 1X0

Spring, Summer and Fall Canoe Tripping and Hiking Staff

Chocpaw Expeditions is developing a resource of experienced and certifified staff to lead canoeing trips and/or hiking trips on an occasional contract basis.

Spring to Fall Guide Responsibilities Include:

  1. Planning and preparation for trip.
  2. Route planning and preparing trips schedule.
  3. Orientation and instruction of clients including aquatic skills, routes, map and compass use, wilderness survival, wilderness cooking and safety issues.
  4. Delivering a quality trip experience
  5. Clean-up and restocking of equipment and supplies.
  6.   Debriefing of group and completion of trip log report.

Spring to Fall Guide Qualificaions

  1. ORCA or similar flat wates and tripping certification
  2. Wilderness First Responder with CPR
  3. NLA certification
  4. Experience leading wilderness expeditions
  5. Demonstrated skills working with youth and school groups.
  6. Knowledge of Dukc of Edinburgh Award and understanding of their methodology
  7. Solid team and interpersonnal skills
  8. knowledge of group dynamics
  9. Sound knowledge of risks of wilderness tripping and stategies
  10. Resourseful energetic self-starter

Resume to be submitted by e-mail to Paul at chocpaw@on.aibn.com or faxed to 705 – 386 – 0344.

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