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The interior of Canada is a maze of wandering rivers that interlace the vast forests of Canada.

This intricate network of waterways, which was both an obstacle to overland travel and a tenuous alternative to it, made the opening of the Northwest a uniquely Canadian Adventure.
Whereas, the American pioneer crossed the plains in large covered wagons, the Canadian terrain allowed for the use of dog teams in winter and canoes in summer.

The first explorations of Canada were accomplished by the fur traders, the Scots of the North West Company, the English of the Hudson Bay Company, and the French Voyageurs. The success of the fur trader was his ability to learn and adapt to the methods of travel and living in the bush developed by the native peoples. Their adventurous spirit and determination opened the way for the loggers and the pioneers.

Chocpaw Expeditions bases its programs on the legacy of the fur traders and the native societies. It is our goal to develop an appreciation for the indomitable spirit necessary to survive and prosper in a land beset with so many physical and environmental challenges. We strive to develop an appreciation for the magnificent beauty of the Canadian wilderness, its power, and its solitude.

Primarily it is our hope to teach you to live comfortably and in harmony with nature during all seasons.

Other than our tracks we try to leave no indication of our passing. The wilderness is our legacy to future generations and we stress low environmental impact on all our dogsled expeditions.

All Chocpaw expeditions are accompanied by experienced guides who will share their knowledge of the wilderness, recount the stories of those who have gone before, and bring to your attention the wonders of the wilderness. We provide you with the necessary skills to enjoy the Canadian wilderness.

Chocpaw Expeditions is owned and operated by Mar Reid. Chocpaw began with Paul Reid who began his adventure over 40 years ago when one particular dog caught his attention. He has built the business around his love for his dogs, the outdoors and the dog sled sport. His desire to share the wilderness experience and connect people with our rich history forms the foundation of all Chocpaw programs.  Chocpaw Expeditions now provides dog sledding trips in the winter months and canoeing and hiking trips in the spring, summer and fall months.

“As you may detect, I am still very much caught up in the romance and adventure of this way of life. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Robert Service poetry, but it describes the ‘lure’ or ‘call of the wilderness’. It’s an addiction – it never lets go.” Paul Reid


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