Fall Training and Camp Sets 2017

We are off to a great start this season! The Chocpaw guides have been conditioning the dogs with carts on wheel, to get them ready for the busy winter season ahead. We have been pleased with the results and have many younger dogs eager to take the lead position on the client teams. We also have a sturdy crew on rotation of setting up our base camps.

For those of you interested in booking trips over the Holiday season, or on weekends, we strongly encourage you to call and book your spots before they are sold out.


Mackey and Mischief Lead some teams on their training runs this fall.

40 Duke of Ed Canoe participants

We are pleased to say our summer is wrapping up with 40 Duke of Ed Participants from Bronze, Silver and Gold joining us for CANOE trips. Our Bronze trip came home on Monday, our two Silver trips are just unpacking gear, and our two groups of Gold are spending their final night in the Algonquin Wilderness. Mother nature has been fickle this summer, however these participants have experience great weather thus far.


A huge thank you to our great summer guiding staff : Kaity, Steph, Donna, Yves and Jeff!

Adoptions Update

We have had the most successful year for adoptions to date. Many of our sled dogs have found wonderful new homes. Some are staying local and the Chocpaw staff still get to see them from time to time, others have flown to Europe!

Our adoption program will continue to move forward as we continue to reduce the size of our kennel.

Please continue to share our Facebook Adoption Page, as all of your help on social media has helped get more dogs adopted.

Available Dogs



Taking Canoe Trip Bookings

Experience Chocpaw Canoe Trips in Algonquin Park

Inquiries about private canoe trips (families, couples, friends or corporate please contact us directly)

Duke of Ed Bronze Canoe trips: July 2-4, Aug 26-28

Duke of Ed Silver Canoe trips: July 2-6, July 29-Aug 2, Aug 26-30

Duke of Ed Gold Canoe trips: July 2-7, July 29-Aug 3, Aug 26- 31

March Update

The Chocpaw trails still have plenty of snow and we are continuing to book trips over the March Break Holidays. We can do trips of all kinds, families, friends, work groups and Duke of Ed.

Our Adoption page has recently been updated, with more dogs available to good homes. Stay tunes as we have many adoptions coming up!

(Photo Credit: Jo Boucher)

Action packed Family Day Weekend

It will be an action packed Family Day Weekend here at Chocpaw Expeditions. We will have 10 expeditions in the bush enjoying the scenery, bush camps and our wonderful dogs. Expeditions ranging from 1-4 days in length. Ages ranging from babies to 85 years old. Combinations of families, friends, school groups and Camp Ooch. Not to mention, we will also be proving rides for the local community at the Sundridge winter Carnival on Sunday Feb 19th.

Mush On!!!!

Adoption Update: Rhonda and Cricket

We are most pleased to hear that both Rhonda and Cricket have settled into their new home on a ranch near Kingston. They haven’t had much snow this season, but the dogs seem to be entertained by the other animals on the ranch. Specifically Cricket likes the guinea pigs. They have an outdoor straw fort and beds inside the house that they can access at their leisure via a doggie door.

Straw Fort










Rhonda and Cricket
Rhonda on “her” bed