Austin Has Been Adopted

Austin has a new home in southern Ontario.  Former guide, Lauren, has taken him home.

E5 b Austin

One of the biggest dogs in the kennel, Austin is a gentle dog.  He worked with all dogs & because of a wonderful temperament he was a great pup training dog.  Very deserving of a retirement!

Sled Dog Adoptions

Often asked for Siberian Husky dogs.  I do not have Siberian Huskies in my kennel.  From time to time I am offered a Sibe.  I don’t often do this as I don’t know the dog & can’t speak for suitability as a pet.  Sibe’s come with their own special behaviors & needs.  They require lots of work & consistency.  But they can make wonderful companions.


This is Kado.  He is 65 pounds & 7 years old.  He desperately needs a where he has lots of opportunity to work & run & be a boisterous & active dog.  He doesn’t like to be indoors & he doesn’t like to be crated.  If you are interested in Kado contact me & I will direct you to his owners.

Also received a call from a rescue operation in Powassan, Ontario who have acquired 12 sled dogs.  Most of these have the Sibe/Malemute features that some people are attracted to.  Again, I cannot speak to suitability of these dogs.  If you are interested  contact me & I will direct you to the rescue.

We have lots of dogs still looking for a home.  Many are dogs born here at Chocpaw & who have proven their stability & reliability.   These dogs I can speak for & will guarantee satisfaction.  If for any reason the dog doesn’t work out, we will take the dog back.


Finn Update

A while back I posted this about Finn’s new friend.  Finn was called Tigress before adopted to a small farm.


This was her first exposure to the Buttons.

These pictures show how the relationship has evolved.


Demonstrates the friendliness of most Chocpaw dogs.  Willing to accept & play with other animals of all sizes. 


Will Settles In

I am often asked how long it takes a sled dog to adapt as a house pet or if it is even possible.  This is Willy in his first evening in his new home.


Other than learning the bed is for him, he seems pretty relaxed.  Our dogs are well behaved & come with very few behavior issues.  They live to please & enjoy the company of the family.  Of course there are always new things to learn, most dogs learn very quickly.

Willy Moves to Parry Sound

Willy has a new home in Parry Sound.  He will be retired from daily work but still spend time hiking & biking in the summer.  His new partner, Dennis, is, is also an avid skijorer.  Still lots of energy left in Willy.  He will be missed here, but very deserving of the change of pace.


Willy was born in Mitch Ingersoll’s kennel in United States & competed in numerous mid distance races before coming to Chocpaw.  An old line alaskan sled dog.  Good coat & tough physically & mentally.

Leaders of Wilderness Expeditions Required

Chocpaw Expeditions is accepting inquiries for guiding positions for this winter 2016/2017.  Responsibilities include leading/facilitating wilderness dog sled expeditions.  For a complete description of the position visit

No dog sledding experience is required as we will train & teach our methods.  Experience as a guide is essential to this position.


We look for dynamic & energetic people looking to challenge themselves & others.  We operate on an emergent & situational leadership style.  All staff need to be  able to move fluently from team player to team leader.  Chocpaw guides must be self motivated & able to show initiative.

We offer a full week of formalized staff training beginning  Nov. 14, 2015.  We expect staff to use the fall to learn 385 dogs intimately & to learn running dogs the Chocpaw way.  It is also an important time to get to know other staff & develop that bond of trust.  A house & food is provided in the fall for staff to use.

Guiding at Chocpaw is not for everyone.  We require a high level of commitment to the staff, the dogs & the clients.  We demand a commitment to excellence.  We look for passion for people & the experience.   This position will challenge you physically, emotionally  & spiritually.  I will provide contact information for guides & former staff for you to explore what is expected.

Chantal Tracking 2

A lot of our programs are with school groups and the Duke of Edinburgh program so you need good skills working with youth & a sound knowledge of the Duke program.


There is opportunity for year round work.  We do canoe & hiking trips as well.

This is an exceptional staff & a fun place to be.  It is a lifestyle more than a job, & does not conform to 9-5 work hours with weekends off.  It is a full on experience from November through to mid April.

My philosophy is simple.  You can”t guide for Chocpaw if you are not an asset to the expedition.  You need to know dogs, routines, policies & other staff, as well as the trail & camp systems before the clients arrive.

Fax or email your resume & cover letter to me.  Plan for a visit & spend at least a day talking & meeting staff & dogs.

I have received several good inquiries to date.  We will interview potential guides over the summer & confirm staff by September.

Duke of Edinburgh Canoe Trip Updates


Chocpaw Expeditions offers several Duke of Edinburgh programs in Algonquin Park this summer.

June 25 trips are now closed.  1 Bronze, 1 Silver & 2 Gold groups.

The Silver trip scheduled for July 02 has been cancelled.  The Gold group has room for 2 more people.

There is still room in Silver & Gold groups scheduled to start July 23 & July 30.

Aug. 27 we have a Bronze, Silver & Gold Expedition planned.  This will be a very busy week.  Still a few spaces left in each group.


Malcolm, Home for the Summer

Malcolm & Cricket have become a favored pair of lead dogs at Chocpaw Expeditions.  The past two seasons James Payne has been at school over the winter so Malcolm has returned to work the winters.


Each spring James takes Malcolm home for the summer.  James adopted Malcolm as a pup.  Now Malcolm has the best of both worlds.  Truly loves being a sled dog, but home is where the heart is.