What Makes Chocpaw Unique

400 plus working dogs 75 expedition sleds 7 camps each capable of accommodating 24 people 22 qualified & experienced dog sled guides Jan. 03 we put 48 teams in the bush. 79 students from Greenwood College & 16 guides divided into 8 groups. Jan. 05 we put 24 more teams in the bush. 42 students […]


We have snow! Lots of snow! And it continues to fall! Our camps are set. Seven of them. 20 tents in all. Each camp can accommodate up to 25 comfortably. Trails have been brushed & cleared but I expect with this much snow & wind there will be more to do. This has been a […]

Nuritional Rant

Found a home for an 11 year old dog. Very much a staff favourite. Strong & healthy except for a hip injury from years of outstanding performance on the racing team. Still able to do light work & exercise but not the daily pounding of expedition life. He is going to a wonderful home. Just […]

Nutrition & Feeding

Have had a few reactions to the last post. Some agree, some don’t. One thing I neglected to mention is that successful racers often use high quality kibble designed for optimum performance with meat supplements. Or while feeding a sponsored kibble in view of observers, snacks on trail are invariably meat & fish. Raw. Easy […]

You Are What You Eat

I am diabetic. My cat is diabetic. Last night I got a call from someone who adopted one of my dogs saying the dog had been diagnosed as diabetic. We all have diabetes for one reason & one reason only. It has to do with the food we eat. Yes lack of exercise plays a […]

Get Active

We have officially started summer as of June 21. It has been a long spring starting mid March. A good mixture of sun & rain. The fields & forests are green. Often by this time they are starting to brown due to a lack of rain. As predicted water levels are down, especially in rivers […]