Algonquin Expeditions

Expeditions Currently Available 2017-18 Season:

2 Day/1 Night Dog Sled Trips: Dec 26-27, Dec 27-28, Dec 29-30, Jan 5-6, Jan 6-7, Jan 13-14, Jan 20-21, Jan 27-28, Feb 3-4, Fen 12-13, Feb 21-22, March 3-4, March 17-18

3 Day/2 Night Dog Sled TripsDec 26-28, Feb 10-12, Feb 20-22

4 Day/ 3 Night Dog Sled Trips: Feb 3-6, Feb 26-March 1

5 Day/4 night Dog Sled Trips: Dec 23-27, Feb 2-6

6 day/5 Night Dog Sled Trip: Anytime as long as we still have availability

We run 7 days a week, so if the above dates do not work for you, just let us know and we can start a new trip for you (as long as we have availability)


Chocpaw Sled dogs in action










After a full instruction session given by your guide, most trips run from the kennel. Everyone is involved in harnessing the dogs, hooking up teams and packing the sleds.

Depending on the group and trail conditions, travel time is 2½ hours to 5 hours. We stop often to observe the beauty around us or to take pictures and a lunch stop is made on route.

The camps are preset with prospector tents that have raised plywood sleeping platforms. The tents are heated with wood burning stoves that provide warmth and a place to dry clothing. Each camp has a large tent capable of sleeping 12 people comfortably and 2 smaller tents with a capacity of 6 each. All the camps have been set beside lakes or river.

At camp everyone participates in chores – gathering and cutting fire wood; hauling and heating water; feeding and watering the dogs; food preparation and clean-up. Tasty and abundant meals are designed to provide nutritional needs for winter activity.

Evening activities are generated to the interest of the group ranging from quiet times around a campfire to dazzling displays of northern lights and stars to night hikes or wolf howls, a rousing group game or an evening of story telling and poetry reading.

The next day brings a new trail and a new adventure. If you are out for more than one night, your group has the option of traveling on to a new camp.

On the final day a hot lunch is served at the shop giving everyone time to reflect on the experience and prepare for the trip home.

Dog Sled Clients help pack and tie down sleds before their Algonquin dog sled expedition begins. #handsonexperience #mushingtripsOntario










2-7 Day Dog Sled Expeditions

We can start 2-7 day dog sled expeditions at any time during our dog sled season for 2 or more people. Dependent on availability. These rates are for weekends and weekdays that are NOT part of our PRIME RATE DATES.


2 Day                 545.00     + HST  70.85    =  615.85

3 Day                 753.00     + HST  97.89    =  850.89

4 Day                 1013.00   +  HST  131.69  =  1144.69

5 Day                 1264.00  +  HST  164.32  =  1428.32

6 Day                 1486.00   + HST  193.18  =  1679.18

7 Day                 1721.00   +  HST  223.73  =  1944.73

PRIME RATE  & DATES: (Any Expedition that falls over the following dates are considered Prime Rate Dates. These dates also book up the quickest, so we advise you to book trips early)

Dec 25-Jan 1, Feb 3-4, Feb 10-11, Feb 17-19, Feb 23-24


2 Day                 572.25     + HST  74.39    =  646.64

3 Day                 790.65     + HST  102.78  =  893.43

4 Day                 1063 .65   +  HST  138.27  =  1201.92

5 Day                 1327.20  +  HST  172.53  =  1499.75

6 Day                 1560.30   + HST  202.84  =  1763.13

7 Day                 1807.05   +  HST  234.91  =  2041.96

Accommodations at area establishments are available for either the evening before your trip or for the night you return from the bush.  If travelling from a distance away this is a wise option as participants are expected to be at the shop at 8:30 a.m the first day.

We have provided a listing of accommodation close to our operations base on the Area Accommodation and Dining Options page on this web site.   There are a variety available ranging from the Northridge Inn and Resort, which provides a special rate for Chocpaw clients, to the Algonquin Motel and Bed and Breakfast establishments.