What is The Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program was introduced in the UK in 1956 as a means to encourage & motivate youth to become involved in a variety of personal development activities.  It aims to provide a balanced program of extracurricular activities  &  each level of the award challenges participants in four areas:  Service, Expeditions, Skills, & Physical fitness.

For more detailed information on what the program is all about visit The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award website at www.dukeofed.org

Chocpaw Expeditions & The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Programs in Ontario

Over the last several years we have witnessed the incredible growth of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program in Ontario.   Inspired by the same fundamental goals for youth in our programs,  Chocpaw Expeditions as been working directly with the Ontario Chapter to grow in our capacity to provide The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants with trips that meet all the requirements for the expedition portion of the awards.

We feature dog sledding expeditions, canoe trips and hiking trips that meet The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award criteria.

Expedition/Adventurous Journey

The adventurous journey is one of the four sections that must be completed for each award.  Its objective is to encourage a spirit of adventure & discovery, an understanding & appreciation of the natural environment, & the importance of working together in a team.

What Chocpaw Expeditions offers

1.     Camps & trail systems

2.     Accommodations at camps

3.     A fully participatory experience

4.     A guiding staff familiar with Duke of Edinburgh award requirements; fully certified & capable in outdoor  skills.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition Pre-Requisites

Before going out on an expedition, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award requires each participant to attend and complete some basic practice & training sessions.  This is to ensure that you are well prepared for your adventure and will get the most out of it in terms of the objectives laid out for the award itself.  You are required to complete a preliminary training, a practice trip & a qualifying journey at each level of The Duke of Edingurgh’s Award.

Preliminary Training

This is the first step in the Expedition phase & gives the opportunity to learn about facets of camping in a controlled setting.  Topics covered include safety precautions & emergency planning, first aid, map reading, compass work, and the wilderness code of behavior.

Practice Trips

These trips vary in requirement for each level of the award and prepares the participant for an overnight journey.

Overnight Qualifying Journey

Includes outdoor activities & one or more night camping, depending on the award level.  The participant puts into practice the skills & protocols learned in training & practice trip.

The Bronze Award

To complete the Expedition portion of the Bronze Award, participants must complete a trip – dog sledding, canoeing, or hiking – which including one night under canvas.

Prerequisites are a Preliminary Training session and a practice trip.

The Silver Award

The Silver Award requires participants to complete a thee-day expedition – dog sledding, canoeing, hiking – which including two nights under canvass.

Prerequisites include the Preliminary Training Session & an overnight practice trip.

The Gold Award

The Gold Award requires participants to complete a four-day expedition – dog sledding, canoeing, hiking – including three nights under canvass.

Prerequisites include  the Preliminary Training Session & an overnight practice trip.