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Chowpaw Reading and Video List

There are many excellent books and videos on dog sledding, history, and nature.

Those listed below are of particular interest to prospective dog sledders. Much of the fascination with dog sledding is romantic. These sources are intended to stir the imagination and provide a basic historical knowledge of the sport and history.

Jack London’s stories have captured the imagination of readers around the world. Best known for Call of the Wild and White Fang, there are several anthologies of short stories available.

Both Call of the Wild and White Fang are available in children’s editions.

Also recommended reading is To Build a Fire, as example of wilderness savvy and skills.

Books on Algonquin Provincial Park

A wide selection of books on Algonquin Provincial Park is available from the Friends of Algonquin store in the Park’s Visitor Centre or at can be found here.

We recommend the following:

Glimpses of Algonquin compiled by G.D. Garland, published by the Friends of Algonquin Park. A collection of articles about the park from conception to the present.

Early Days of Algonquin Park by Ottelyn Addison, published by the Friends of Algonquin Park. An excellent history of the park.

The Best of the Raven by Dan Strickland and Russ Rutter, published by the Friends of Algonquin Park. A collection of best articles form the park’s newsletter ‘The Raven’.

General Reading

Company of Adventurers, Vol 1, Caesars of the4 Wilderness, Vol. 2. and Merchants Princes, Vol. 3 by Peter Newman. This trilogy is the story of the Hudson’s Bay Company and therefore the epic of the discovery and exploration of Canada. Very easy reading. A must read. Captures the romance and excitement of the adventure.

Farley Mowat is a renowned Canadian writer focussing on history and culture. Perhaps best known for Never Cry Wolf, he has produced numerous books and stores. One collection of stories I enjoy is The Snow Walker. Mowat has also written a number of books for children and young people.

Robert Service is a Canadian poet known for his works about life in the Yukon. These poems stir the spirit of adventure and remind us all of the fragile grasp and tentative place we hold in nature. There are a number of anthologies available.

Recommended Videos

Toby McTeague. The story of a racing kennel and their adventures as they prepare for a race. It is set in the Yukon. It contains some great shots of working with dogs. Many of the commands and methods used are well researched and factual. Good motivational movie.

Iron Will is a story of a boy training and racing a team to victory. A lot of sensational action that if it were the norm would discourage most from ever running dogs. Does show the commitment and hard work necessary to be a successful racer.

Call of the Wild. The classic story of a sled dog and life in the gold rush of early Alaska. Some good history. It is based on a Jack London story.

White Fang is set in Alaska in the era of the gold rush. This is the story of wolf dog and his love for one person. Good history lesson mixed with the story. Another Jack London story.

Never Cry Wolf is Farley Mowat’s story of a wolf study conducted in the Arctic. Based on fact but enhanced with Mowat’s sense of humour. Some excellent factual information on wolves.

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