Thank you for choosing CHOCPAW EXPEDITIONS for your dog sledding adventure. I want you to know that we will do our utmost to ensure that this is a most memorable experience. Over 40 years of providing educational/

recreational dog sledding expeditions, we have developed programs that are adaptable to the interests and physical abilities of all people. We have developed a line of Alaskan sled dogs with friendly dispositions bred to enjoy the work of the trail. In the Algonquin Forest we have a system of trails & camps that provide wilderness seclusion free from the encroachment of busy life. Our camps & equipment are well maintained for your safety. To deliver the programs we have assembled an outstanding staff of guides and support staff. Our guides bring exceptional credentials, qualifications & experience to the trips. We do intensive staff training to ensure our service & program delivery is the best it can possibly be. We take your enjoyment very seriously.


All pricing is per person and subject to additional HST

Day Trip $340

2 Day Trip $640

3 Day Trip $940

4 Day Trip $1240

5 Day Trip $1540

6 Day Trip $1840

Our prices are subject to prime rates when booking over all holidays and weekends starting December 25, 2018 until March 17th, 2019.

Dogsledding Multi Day Information Package Revised 2018

Dogsledding Day Trip Information Package Revised 2018

There is no experience that can compare to working with your team of dogs in the peace & serenity of the wilderness. Nothing quiets the soul more than to have braved the rigors of the trail, to have pushed yourself physically and emotionally, and to have not just prevailed but to have successfully accomplished an expedition with your canine companions in a challenging environment. To sit quietly at days end and marvel at the beauty of the trail and the hearts of the team that you have become a part of; to know that tomorrow for a brief time you can again immerse yourself in a communion with nature and with your team; to share your experience with family or friends; this is the essence of dog sledding. It is truly an addiction that brings people back year after year.