Reaction to Standards

Well didn’t that just stir up a bee’s nest! Invoked some very strong reactions both for & against. I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this law. Actually some I would strongly argue as unnecessary & not likely to improve the standard of care. But it is a starting point for discussion. In B.C., in […]

Sled Dog Care Guidelines

It seems that every year something happens in the sled dog world that has people calling for increased standards of care. This winter has been no exception. Some are even calling for government legislation to establish guidelines. The industry already has recognized standards as established by mushers through the organization M.U.S.H. with Pride. These standards […]

April 2012

Been a while since I last posted. In addition to being super busy, I also could not remember my user name & password. Have it written down now. Just to many programs requiring passwords. Ground is clear of snow & the kennel is dry. We had a very quick end to the season & despite […]